Prayer for Healing
  Prayer for Healing. For more photos, visit the Galleries.

About My Mission

As an Artist for Sacred Healing my mission is to heal others by merging art, prayer, and story. Each design I create comes with its own personal text to heal the heart and soul. My art is a tree with many branches but the common thread is healing the broken part of ourselves.

Prayers for Healing

I am one of a very few artists, anywhere, creating hand-calligraphed artistic prayers for healing. This new art form merges art, Jewish liturgy, healing, and story. My artistic prayers for healing are intensely personal with the ritual objects, symbols, people and places, that mean the most to you or your loved one. Together we choose the Hebrew prayer, the image or design, and the placement of the calligraphy. The result is a visually and symbolically powerful work of art and prayer that will always be with you for renewal of body and spirit.

Prayers from the Other Side

My newest body of work is rooted in the daily morning Jewish liturgy, including the Shema, the Kedusha and, especially, the Mourner’s Kaddish. During these prayers, with God’s help, images come to me from the Other Side.

I am grateful to God that I am sometimes able to catch glimpses of the souls of the departed that are present every time Mourner’s Kaddish is recited and, with each recitation of the Kaddish, these souls rise higher and grow stronger. Our souls are blessed with eternal life and our beloved family members, z"l, are with us always, even when we think we are all alone.

I make these works available to bring lasting comfort and hope to the Mourner who has lost a parent, spouse, sibling or child.

Memories and My Mother's Dementia

My “Memories and My Mother’s Dementia” is a body of work to help heal the adult child of the anger, sadness, frustration of living in a family in denial about Alzheimer’s. “Memories and My Mother’s Dementia” supports family members and helps adult children come into harmony with the disease.

Charlie's Story

My Art for Sacred Healing began with a stuffed leopard toy named Charlie who was a sentimental gift from my father to my mother, but nearly ended up in the trash. Charlie embodies the best in my parents and the best in me. Rescuing him and giving him a new home in my paintings has kept the good memories of my father alive. Many people find healing through Charlie, and his paintings continue to be a central part of my life as an artist.